• To unite under a new multidisciplinary Network the European family support researchers together with the involvement of policymakers, practitioners, children and families, public and private agencies, and civil society at large.
  • To produce an innovative conceptual framework for family support research.
  • To enable frontier-knowledge responses to parenting across the life-course and in particular to challenges faced by families affected by migration (including intra-European one), psychosocial risk, mental health issues, or that are multicultural or diverse in structure.
  • To support the professionals and the policy making institutions in family support with high quality knowledge adapted to their needs from a trans-national collaboration framework.
  • To mobilise a critical mass of researchers across Europe for family support research, working through coordinated activities that are multidisciplinary (involvement of researchers and involvement of stakeholders, such as policy makers, professionals, family and civil society representatives and the private sector) and inclusive.
  • To contribute with high quality training of the future generations of European researchers in the field of family support from an evidence-based and pluralistic approach.
  • To fully incorporate ICT approaches in family support (information and communications technologies), in the whole Action as well as through the involvement of ICT engineers in the Network. To make the use of new technologies visible in family online support research.
  • To raise awareness among key European and international stakeholders in family support by involving them into the Action and disseminating internationally with interactive tools.