EurofamNet Newsletter
Autumn 2020 Edition

About the Network

The European Family Support Network (EurofamNet) is a bottom-up, evidence-based, multidisciplinary network funded as an Action (CA18123) under the COST program. A COST Action is a science and technology network funded over a four-year duration.

EurofamNet aims to inform family policies and practices towards the ultimate goal of ensuring children’s rights and families’ well-being by building collaborations between researchers, practitioners, policy-makers, children and families, public and private agencies, and general society.

EuroFamNet in numbers

In April, the second COST-Grant Period of the Network began. Since then, 5 full members and 22 associate participants have joined the Network.



Building bridges within Europe and beyond


+22 associate members

From academia, front-line practice and policy sphere involved in EurofamNet activity


European Stakeholders

Representing relevant European institutions in Family Support arena


Working Groups
+1 Stakeholder Group

Working together with one group dedicated to coordination and one to dissemination


EurofamNet achievements

WG1 "Management and Coordination"

The WG1 has launched the Action structure that reflect our commitment with a double-layered structure (national-European), a bottom-up process and a dialogical style.

The WG1 has mapped the relevant European Stakeholders in family support arena and a booklet will be available soon on the website.

EurofamNet principles to guide the Action and its research are available at link below:

WG2 "Developing the European conceptual framework on family support"

WG2 has made advances in several products that will be ready to be published soon.

WG2 is working on a Scoping study of 'the conceptualization and delivery of family support' in Europe. A cross-national study which will be included in the study will be completed by December 2020. The Scoping Study will be finalized in early 2021.

WG3 "Quality Standards and Evidence-based Programmes"

The Map of international agencies on programme evaluation and quality standards has been delivered and will be available soon at the website.

WG4 "Developing a Standardisation Framework on Skills"

The main achievements reached by WG4 during this period have been identifying the international agencies on skills' qualification and integrate their results and performing a full-scoped review of existing studies on skills' standards for workforce in family support.

WG5 "Dissemination of activities and results"

So far, WG5 has initiated the dissemination strategy, improved the network website, launched the interactive platform, coordinated the dissemination activities and outputs, promoted EurofamNet presence on social media, and presented achievements of Action members on the website and on the social media.
4th Meeting

EurofamNet meetings

4th EurofamNet Management Committee Meeting

The fourth meeting of the Action was to be held in Riga (Latvia), but due to the Covid-19 pandemic was held online from June 29th to July 1st, 2020 inclusive. In spite of the online modality, the meeting was a huge success. In all, 93 participants from 31 different countries took part in the meeting.

November Working Groups meeting

An on-line meeting to advance in outputs organization has been delivered on 5th and 6th November 2020.

Launching the Stakeholders Group

A new EurofamNet working group had been formed: the Stakeholder's Group. This group brings together colleagues from around Europe who work in either family support policy or practice. The group is chaired by Andy Lloyd from Leeds, UK.

The Stakeholder's Group has met twice (on-line) since it began (16 people representing 9 countries). The priorities of the group have been discussed as well as the experiences and best practice developed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Anybody involved in Family Support policy or practice is welcomed to join group meetings/discussions.

Covid-19 Response

As a network of researchers and stakeholders focused on family support, EurofamNet is alert about how Covid-19 pandemic is affecting children and families’ lives.

Find on our website interesting links from informed institutions developed to help families and children these days:

World Children Day note

Past 20th November 2020 the World Children Day was celebrated. This year, Covid-19 situation is impacting children lives in unprecedent ways. EurofamNet encourages all sectors and institutions involved in child protection to work together to prevent long-lasting negative effects and to boost learning and positive-side effects from this experience.

Forthcoming events

EurofamNet Webinar

EurofamNet Webinar

On Friday 22nd of January 2021, from 11:00 to 14:00 (Brussels time), will be held the first international webinar hosted by EurofamNet.

Its aims are to increase awareness of Family Support as policy and practice choice for intervention with children and families. The webinar is based on a recent special issue publication by Action members in the Social Work and Social Sciences Review.

5th EurofamNet Management Committee Meeting

The next meeting of the Action was planned to be held in Valetta (Malta), but due to the Covid-19 pandemic it is decided to be held online from February 3rd to 5th, 2021 inclusive.

Workshops with stakeholders

Two workshops with invited relevant experts and stakeholders aimed at developing, enhancing and quality assuring EurofamNet work will take place in the early spring 2021.

Family Support in the European context

A Special Issue at the Journal of Social Work and Social Sciences Review has been published to furthering our understanding of family support across Europe. The work springs from the work of EurofamNet founders and was published in May 2020.

For further information visit
Journal of Social Work and Social Sciences Review

Evidence-informed family education and support in contemporary Europe

EurofamNet participated at the 8th International Congress of Educational Sciences and Development. A 5-presentations symposium covered advances developed by the network in key areas that currently constitute research challenges in family support agenda. A full chapter about symposium will be available soon at

EurofamNet at the EURAXESS Webinar “Integration measures with a focus on family”

EurofamNet also has participated at the EURAXESS Webinar aimed to promote family connections that lead to information sharing and mutual support. Link:

Networking tools

During this period, EurofamNet granted the following tools:


Conference grants

For PhD students from Inclusiveness Target Countries.


Short Term Scientific Missions

To promote exchanges in other countries.


Dissemination meeting grants

To attend high profile events and conferences.
Open Calls

Incoming calls

EurofamNet keeps open its calls for ITC and STSM Grants up to 31st March, 2021. For further information click on the image above.
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