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EurofamNet Newsletter
Autumn 2021 Edition

About the Network

The European Family Support Network (EurofamNet) is a bottom-up, evidence-based, multidisciplinary network funded as an Action (CA18123) under the COST program.

COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) is a funding agency for research and innovation networks. COST Actions help connect research initiatives across Europe and enable scientists to grow their ideas by sharing them with their peers. This boosts their research, career and innovation. www.cost.eu

EurofamNet aims to inform family policies and practices towards the ultimate goal of ensuring children’s rights and families’ well-being by building collaborations between researchers, practitioners, policy-makers, children and families, public and private agencies, and general society.

EuroFamNet in numbers

In April 2020, the second COST Grant Period of the Network began. Since then, 7 full members and 20 associate members have joined EurofamNet.



Building bridges within Europe and beyond


145 full members + 27 associate members

From academia, front-line practice and policy sphere involved in EurofamNet activity


European organizations

Representing relevant European institutions in Family Support arena


Working Groups
+1 Policy and Practice Group

Working together with one group dedicated to coordination and one to dissemination

More details about EurofamNet structure are available at:

Forthcoming events

7th EurofamNet Management Committee Meeting

The next meeting of the Action is planned to be held face to face in Ljubljana (Slovenia), from February 7th to 9th 2022 inclusive.

EurofamNet achievements


WG1 "Management and Coordination"

WG1 has prepared a brochure with the Action’s results up to now, presenting a concise but comprehensive overview of the Action.

They have updated the tool “Key actors in family support at European level”, by including 14 new relevant European stakeholders.

WG1 has also produced an internal document on policy & practice members participation in the Network. In addition, they are continuing to add national maps to the piece on family support stakeholders at the national level.

Finally, WG1 has added a space on the website for the voices of practitioners, families and children. Four videos are now available.

WG2 "Developing the European conceptual framework on family support"

WG2 has delivered several outputs from the review of international and European policy and provision standards and frameworks related to family support and children’s rights. The conceptualisation and delivery of family policy and support in Europe: A review of international and European frameworks and standards and a Policy brief on “Family policy and family support in Europe: International and European policy frameworks and standards”.

Furthermore, they have produced an academic literature review on the conceptualisation and delivery of family support in Europe and a compendium on child and family support policies across Europe, which contains national reports from 27 countries.

WG2 has also organized the open webinar “Supporting children and families during and post Covid-19: Combatting poverty, coping with work & family & enhancing wellbeing".

WG3 "Quality standards and evidence-based programmes"

WG3 has organized the stakeholders’ workshop “Bridging quality standards for evaluation with professional practice".

Additionally, WG3 has produced a series of policy briefs available on the website: A policy brief resulting from the national survey on adoption of evidence-based standards in a sample of COST Action countries, a policy brief of the stakeholders’ workshop, the policy brief “Families in Positive: A collaborative and translational initiative for adoption of Evidence-Based Practices in Spain” and two policy briefs on family diversity and Covid-19, “the voice of the families” and “the voice of the professionals”.

WG4 "Developing a Standardisation Framework on Skills"

WG4 has produced 2 deliverables from their work on developing a standardisation framework on family support workforce skills, a research report “Systematic review of family support workforce skills: conceptualization, process and findings” and a policy brief on the family support workforce skills literature review.

In addition, a review of books and handbooks related to workforce skills in family support produced by WG4 will be available soon.

WG5 "Dissemination of activities and results"

WG5 has recently opened a YouTube channel frequently updated with new videos about the Network. An introductory video on EurofamNet is available in 11 languages, besides videos about other Network outputs.

WG5 has created a flyer about EurofamNet detailing who we are, how we work and what we have produced. It will be available soon on the website in 8 different languages.
They have also created an internal report on EurofamNet’s social media interaction and the use of the website. In addition, they have disseminated all the relevant updates from the Network through informative pills.

Furthermore, a series of reports produced by WG5, outlining the academic outputs (journal articles, conference presentations and research projects) from the members of the Network has been produced and will be available soon.

EurofamNet June 2021 Webinar

On 18th June 2021, the EurofamNet open webinar “Family Support & Covid. Learning and responding from a European perspective” was held. The event aimed to encourage mutual exchange in Family Support research, practice and experiences across Europe during the COVID-19 situation; and to encourage collaboration and joint initiatives that contribute to the field of Family Support and the Network.

The voices from academia, state agencies, practitioners and families were present at the webinar to learn from and discuss the challenges and the actions developed in Europe to face COVID-19.

In this section, you can find the video recordings of the session as well as the speakers’ PowerPoint presentations:


International Day of Parents

EurofamNet commemorated the United Nations led Global Day of Parents by collaborating in the organization of the webinar "Families in positive + European Family Support Network: Projects to promote the positive parenting approach in child and family services". The event was held online on June 1st from 10h to 11,30h CET.

The progress of both projects was shared with the European local associations and other European stakeholders (NGOs, professional associations, public administrations, etc.) during the webinar, which was organized by the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces, the Spanish Ministry of Social Rights and 2030 Agenda, in collaboration with CEMR and EurofamNet.

EurofamNet meetings


6th EurofamNet Management Committee Meeting

The 6th EurofamNet meeting was held online from 16th to 18th June 2021. On Wednesday the 16th, the Plenary meeting took place, in which the Working Group leaders updated the network participants on the advances made regarding outputs and deliverables. Working Group meetings were held on Thursday the 17th. Working Group 1 and 5 held a successful joint meeting for the first time. On Friday, representatives from 28 out of 34 COST countries attended the Management Committee meeting. The meetings were closed by a very interesting Knowledge Exchange session, in which the voices of academics, practitioners, policy representatives and families and children were heard.

EurofamNet Core Group & WG1-WG5 Meeting

EurofamNet Core Group & WG1-WG5 Meeting

On 13th and 14th October 2021, a hybrid EurofamNet meeting was held in Valetta, Malta. The meeting on 13th October was dedicated to advancing the work of the Action’s Core Group. On 14th October, Working Group 1 and Working Group 5 came together to update each other and further the objectives surrounding coordination of the Action and dissemination of results.

National Meetings

National-level meetings have recently been held within EurofamNet in the UK, Croatia and Spain. These meetings have enabled advancing in specific tasks at the national level and to strengthen ties between members of the Network.


On September 24th 2021, EurofamNet organized two workshops with invited relevant experts and stakeholders.

WG3 Stakeholders Workshop “Bridging quality standards for evaluation with professional practice” was held virtually, involving policy-makers and service providers responsible for Child and Family Support agencies from COST Action countries. The main focus was to scope the efforts to introduce evidence-based practices in child and family policies and professional work with families across the COST Action countries.

The WG2 webinar “Supporting children and families during and post Covid-19: Combatting poverty, coping with work & family & enhancing wellbeing": was a research, policy and practice event that aims to reflect on the COVID-19 pandemic and the role of family support measures and developments in addressing the challenges and pressures that children, young people, parents and families have faced.

More information available at: https://eurofamnet.eu/activities/workshops

Family Policy and Child Well-Being: The Case of Montenegro in the European Perspective

Management Committee representative from Montenegro Branko Boskovic, from the UK Harriet Churchill and from Albania Oriola Hamzallari have recently published an article in the special issue of the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health: “Family policy and child well-being: the case of Montenegro in the European perspective.” The publication was supported by EurofamNet. You can now find it on our website.


Conference presentation

On July 7th 2021 the Working Group leaders and co-leaders, on behalf of EurofamNet, introduced the most salient results from the network at the WERA 2021 Virtual Focal Meeting (Santiago de Compostela, Spain) with the presentation entitled “The European Family Support Network. A bottom-up, evidence-based and multi-disciplinary Action.”

COST networking tools

During its second Grant Period, EurofamNet has granted the following COST networking tools:


ITC Grants
(Inclusiveness target countries grants)

For early-career investigators from inclusiveness target countries.


Short Term Scientific Missions

To promote exchanges in other countries.


Dissemination Meeting Grants

To disseminate EurofamNet results in high profile events and conferences.


Virtual Mobility Grants

To foster the establishment of existing networks through virtual collaborations.


Virtual Networking Support
(VNS Grant)

Aimed at promoting virtual collaboration trough a virtual networking strategy.

Incoming calls

The EurofamNet third Grant Period has recently started. A call for COST networking tools (such as ITC Grants, STSMs, Dissemination Meeting Grants and VMGs) will open soon. More information at https://eurofamnet.eu/news.
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