Interesting new products produced by EurofamNet

EurofamNet has recently produced a series of new and interesting products. The policy brief by Working Group 1 gives an overview of who we are and what we do, with links to all of our products, whereas the report and policy briefs of Working Group 2 and Working Group 3 stem from their research on the conceptualisation of family support and evidence-based parenting support evaluation strategies, respectively. Finally, the reports from Working Group 5 give a detailed perspective of the work carried by all of our members in terms of scientific publications, conference presentations and national and international projects.

Working Group 1: Policy brief "Making family support a right for all children"

Working Group 2: Policy brief "A framework for child and family support in Europe: Building comprehensive support systems"

Working Group 3: Evidence-based family and parenting support evaluation strategies: The position of EurofamNet. Research report and policy brief

Working Group 5: Reports on EurofamNet members' outputs: publications, conference presentations and projects

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