Strengthening social service workforce Sub-regional conference, Belgrade 24-25 October 2019

Professor John Canavan Vice-chair of Eurofamnet made a brief presentation about the Action at the above-named conference. The goal of the conference was to contribute to strengthening the framework for advancing child protection through a sharpened focus on planning, developing and supporting the social work and the social service workforce across the Western Balkans region.

The conference was hosted by the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs of the Republic of Serbia, together with UNICEF Serbia. Participants came primarily from the social welfare sector, but also included other sectors (health, education, justice) that currently hire and deploy social work and social service professionals into their structures or who work closely with social workers and social service providers through referral systems.

Network member Professor Nina Pecnik (Croatia) also presented at the conference on her on work on parenting support programmes.


File  Presentation (.pptx)