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Catalogue of family support programmes

Family Support Quality and Evaluation Standards: Information Sources

Family Support workforce Skills Standards: Information sources

Catalogue of evaluation tools

List of readings on the conceptualisation of family support in Europe recommended by WG2

List of readings on evidence-based family and parenting support programme evaluation recommended by WG3

Our colleagues from WG3, Ana Almeida, Ana Catarina Canário and Orlanda Cruz, have found the following chapters and articles especially relevant in their work surrounding evaluation strategies.

List of books on family support workforce skills recommended by WG4

Our colleagues from WG4 Ana Pereira Antunes, Irena Avirovic Bundalevska and Makedonka Radulovic have created a list of 5 recommended reading about workforce skills in family support as a result of the systematic review on books and handbooks they carried out in 2021

Key actors in Family Support at European level

Families and children during Covid-19 pandemic

You can find below interesting links from informed institutions developed to help families and children these days.