WG3 "Quality standards and evidence based programmes"

  • WG3 aspires to provide directions for future developments on European and national levels, with regard to family support provision, research/evaluation and policy.
  • Through collaboration on tasks and discussions, WG3 members seek for (new) ways to strengthen the effects of programmes to support parents and families and enhance children’s wellbeing and development.
  • A comprehensive picture of the family support programmes and the extent to which the Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) approach is established in policy and practice levels in European countries is being generated.
  • The ultimate purpose is  to facilitate further development of EBP (in accordance with the emerging European Quality standards for family support), and stimulate supportive policies at European and national levels.
Name Role Leadership role Country
Sonia Byrne MC Substitute WG3 Leader Spain
Ninoslava Pećnik MC Member WG3 Co-leader Croatia
Camellia Hancheva MC Member ITC grants Coordinator Bulgaria
Oriola Hamzallari MC Member STSM Coordinator Albania
Zane Linde-Ozola MC Member Dissemination Coordinator Latvia
Ágota Scharle MC Member Hungary
Aleksandra Lewa... MC Substitute Poland
Ana Almeida MC Member Portugal
Ana Catarina Canário WG Participant Portugal
Ana Uka MC Substitute Albania
Balázs Váradi MC Substitute Hungary
Burcu Kömürcü Akik MC Member Turkey
Daiva Skučienė MC Member Lithuania
Elisabeth Stefanek MC Substitute Austria
Eliška Kodyšová MC Substitute Czech Republic
Georg Spiel MC Member Austria
Ingrid Grech La... MC Member Malta
Isabel M. Bernedo MC Member Spain
Justyna Michałe... MC Member Poland
Koraljka Modic ... MC Substitute Croatia
Lina Šumskaité MC Substitute Lithuania
María José Rodrigo MC Member Spain
Markus Schwab MC Substitute Austria
Metin Özdemir MC Member Sweden
Nevena Dimitrova MC Substitute Switzerland
Oana Alexandra David WG Participant Romania
Orlanda Cruz MC Substitute Portugal
Paola Milani MC Member Italy
Patty Leijten MC Member Netherlands
Sarah Serbati MC Substitute Italy
Ute Ziegenhain MC Member Germany
Veronika Vass-Vigh MC Substitute Hungary
Victoria Hidalgo MC Substitute Spain
Axelle Devaux Policy and Practice Belgium
  • Academic paper on evaluation strategies’ position of EurofamNet

  • Policy brief on evaluation strategies’ position of EurofamNet

  • Evidence-based programme’s compilation

  • Research reports on EurofamNet position on programme quality standards

  • Policy brief on EurofamNet position on programme quality standards

  • Compilation on evaluation Tools

  • Identification of successful experiences incorporating ICT in Family Support

  • Organization of the Workshop with Stakeholders

Deliverables to Date

Other advances to Date

  • 2 ITC Grant enjoyed related to EurofamNet position on evaluation strategies

  • 2 Short-term Scientific Missions developed

  • 1 Dissemination Grant enjoyed related to EurofamNet position on programme quality standards

  • Task allocation of the members

  • Zone coordinators for data collection