WG2 "Developing the European conceptual framework on family support"

The aim is to review of studies and European reports on conceptualization and delivering of family support in Europe. It also includes a review of relevant Family Support policies and Conventions. This will result in a publication on conceptualizing and delivering Family Support in Europe.  A Cross-national study of perceptions on delivering family support and associated structures will be conducted and reported on.  A wide-ranging consultation with policy, practitioner and service user stakeholders on Family Support issues needs will take place.

Name Role Leadership role Country
Carmel Devaney MC Member WG2 Leader Ireland
Angela Abela MC Member WG2 Co-leader Malta
Harriet Churchill MC Member WG2 Co-leader United Kingdom
Aivita Putnina MC Member Latvia
Alina-Maria Breaz MC Member Romania
An Piessens MC Substitute Belgium
Anastassia Zabr... MC Member Estonia
András Gábos MC Member Hungary
Andreja Brajsa ... MC Substitute Croatia
Anna Rybińska MC Member Poland
Annemie Drieskens Policy and Practice Belgium
Arianna Thiene MC Substitute Italy
Artüras Tereškinas MC Member Lithuania
Åsa Lundqvist MC Member Sweden
Ashling Jackson MC Substitute Ireland
Bente Heggem Kojan MC Member Norway
Christiane Spiel MC Member Austria
Claire Copperstone MC Substitute Malta
Eszter Salamon Policy and Practice Netherlands
Hana Hašková MC Member Czech Republic
Helen Dunn Policy and Practice United Kingdom
Ilaria Garaci MC Substitute Italy
Ivana Dobrotic MC Member Croatia
Jelena Arsić MC Member Serbia
Jelena Jerinic MC Substitute Serbia
Julia Holzer MC Substitute Austria
Julie Walsh WG Participant United Kingdom
Katarzyna Kopec... MC Substitute Poland
Kay Tisdall MC Substitute United Kingdom
Kristina Sesar MC Member Bosnia and Herzegovina
Lilian Tzivian MC Substitute Latvia
Ljiljana Kalite... MC Substitute Croatia
Lulzim Dragidella MC Observer Kosovo
Mandi MacDonald MC Substitute United Kingdom
Marisa Matias MC Substitute Portugal
Marjorie Bonello MC Substitute Malta
Michel Boutanquoi MC Member France
Mona Sandbæk MC Substitute Norway
Øivin Christiansen MC Member Norway
Orly Benjamin MC Substitute Israel
Radka Dudová MC Member Czech Republic
Roberta Ruggiero MC Member Switzerland
Sanela Sadic MC Member Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sarah Bürger MC Substitute Austria
Sarah Galdiolo MC Member Belgium
Sylvie Ray-Kaeser MC Member Switzerland
Tatyana Kotzeva MC Member Bulgaria
Terese Glatz MC Member Sweden
Zdenek Sloboda MC Substitute Czech Republic
  • Development of a literature review on the conceptualization and delivery of family support in Europe.
  • Development of a review of CoE and European Union family and children’s rights policies in the context of UNCRC.
  • A compendium of national surveys of family support, delivery and associated national structures in a number of European countries. 

Deliverables to Date

  • A methodology and position paper to inform the scoping study of the conceptualization and delivery of family support in Europe. 
  • A synthesis report on family support in Europe
  • Peer reviewed papers on family support in Europe

Other advances to Date

  • A methodology and position paper’ to inform the scoping study of the conceptualization and delivery of family support in Europe
  • 1 ITC Grant enjoyed
  • 2 Short-term Scientific Missions developed