Angela Abela


Professor and founding Head of the Department of Family Studies at the University of Malta. As a clinical psychologist, family therapist and systemic supervisor, she also works with couples, children and their families and supervises teams of practitioners working with vulnerable families.

Chair of the National Centre for Family Research of the President of Malta’s Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society and is a consultant for the Maltese government and the Standing Committees for Social and Family Affairs in Parliament. As an expert for the Council of Europe, she worked on the Policy to Support Positive Parenting and is lead author of the Strategic Policy on Positive Parenting for Malta launched in 2016. She has published widely and is an associate editor of Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry, an international advisory editor of Contemporary Family Therapy and is on the editorial board of Children Australia.

Her research projects include studies on marital satisfaction, couple conflict and family violence, families living in poverty, families where one of the members faces mental illness, lone parent families, parenting, and children in out-of-home care.