Academic outputs

Methodology and position paper for a review study on the conceptualisation and delivery of family support in Europe

Child, parent or family? Applying a systemic lens to the conceptualisations of Family Support in Europe

A review of books and handbooks related to the workforce skills in family support

Systematic review of Family Support workforce skills: conceptualization, process, and findings. Research report

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The conceptualisation and delivery of family support in Europe: A review of academic literature

This document presents a review of recent academic literature which considers the ways in which formal family support is conceptualised, developed, and delivered in the European context.

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The Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Family Support across Europe: A Narrative Review

Special issue

The Spanish National Working Group of EurofamNet has recently published in "Revista de Psicología Educativa" the Special Issue entitled "Evaluation of Programmes under the Positive Parenting Initiative in Spain"

This Special Issue aims to map the expansion of preventive family support programmes in Spain and to contrast the quality of the evidence against the prevention standards according with the European Family Support Network. Members of the Spanish Family Support Network made up of entities in several sectors identified 57 programmes implemented in Spain and filled in a formative evaluation sheet for each programme. The articles in this issue analysed the results of four main aspects in all programmes: description, implementation, evaluation, and impact/sustainability. The findings inform the scope and variety of support provided and the quality of programmes in Spain, providing guidelines for improvement and addressing challenges to reinforce quality assurance in child and family services.

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Workforce Skills in Family Support: A Systematic Review

The article developed by EurofamNet WG4 “Workforce Skills in Family Support: A Systematic Review” has been published.

It is aimed to promote the understanding of family support as value-based practical approach and to inform about service delivery, professional education, research, and policies by using a common set of concepts.

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Special issue

'Family Support in the European Context' has been published. This work was prepared by an informal group of scholars, practitioners and policy makers who met initially under the auspices of UNESCO in Paris in 2015, stablishing the foundations of the Action proposal that later on was successful and joins us today.

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Family Policy and Child Well-Being: The Case of Montenegro in the European Perspective

Child and family support policies across Europe: National reports from 27 countries