The European Family Support Network - Eurofamnet

Development of a Pan-European family support network, under which family support and parenting policies are included, combining both common goals across countries and the recognition of the specificities of cultural and families’ contexts.

This Action will build collaborative pathways between researchers, practitioners, policy-makers, children and families, public and private agencies, and general society to create the necessary framework that allows to inform family policies and practices with the underlying goal of ensuring children’s rights and families’ well-being.

COST COVID-19 briefing


COST is much more than an organisation that implements a funding programme; we are a community of over 45,000 people connected by a desire to advance research and innovation. As the coronavirus situation rapidly evolves, there is now more need than ever for us to stand together, to collaborate and share ideas, because together we are stronger.

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Families and children during Covid-19 confinement

You can find below interesting links from informed institutions developed to help families and children these days.

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Management Committee

Brussels 2019



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