Lilian Tzivian


My qualification is an epidemiologist, with accent on medical and social statistics. I worked with problems of losses and gains according to Hobfoll theory of stress, and on quality of life. I performed both qualitative and quantitative studies, and have a large experience in planning and reviewing different studies. My experience in reviewing and meta-analyzing and in statistical and epidemiological analysis of data including identification of possible research problems (confounders, bias, misclassifications) and possible relationships between parameters of studies (effect modification, interaction, mediation) can be useful for purposes of this COST action.

Another aspect of my current work is related to children with autistic spectrum syndrome and attention-deficit and hyperactivity disorders. Till now, this problem is not fully investigated in many countries, and studies from Eastern countries are particularly scarce. Specific guidelines for identification of children with such symptoms, possibilities of different treatments and comparison between them are of particular interests of my work.