Key actors in Family Support at European level

This tool compiles a list of key stakeholders at European level in the family support arena that can play an important role in supporting the Action. This list includes those European entities that are already members of the Action. These entities play a relevant role by: advising, informing and influencing Action-related tasks from their experience; ensuring no overlap with existing networks; providing connections and interactions at European, national and local level; including Action advances in their advocacy role with European, national and local institutions from an evidence-based perspective; and informing policy makers. This list also includes other key European entities who will be recipients of dissemination of the Action results, be influenced at practice and policy level from EurofamNet knowledge, and who can provide their views and ideas about our work to inform and influence our results. EurofamNet will aim to engage some of these entities at a deeper level creating opportunities for dialogue towards the aforementioned aims.

According to the agreement of the Action, participation of further European stakeholders as well as the updating of this booklet will be reviewed yearly at face-to-face meetings of EurofamNet. Expressions of interest can be made to the Action through