First EurofamNet Webinar: Family Support in the European context

Past Friday 22nd January, 2021 the first EurofamNet Open Webinar “Family Support in the European context” was held. It aimed to encourage mutual knowledge exchange in family support research and practice across Europe. 

During the event, a panel of researchers in family support, as well as high-level practice and policy stakeholders discussed some of the current challenges in family support arena at European level. Five EurofamNet paper were presented.

In this section you can find the video recordings of the session. The available content is:

Flyer Webinar

Presentation of the paper “Foundation Document for the European Family Support Network (EFSN)”.

Presented by Nick Frost. Respondents were Andy Lloyd (EurofamNet Stakeholder from Leeds City Council) and Dr. Krzysztof Stefan Iszkowski (Policy Officer – Child Guarantee, European Commission).

Presentation of the paper “Meeting the challenges of the 21st century: Social change and the family”.

Presented by Aivita Putniņa. Respondents were Annemie Drieskens (EurofamNet stakeholder from COFACE Families Europe) and Kamila Vlčková (Ministerial Counsellor - Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Czech Republic).

Presentation of the paper “Family Support as a right of the child”.

Presented by Patrick Dolan, Nevenka Zegarac, and Jelena Arsic. Respondents were Johanna Schima (EurofamNet stakeholder from Make Mothers Matter) and Maria Kypriotou (UNESCO Youth Programme representative).

Presentation of the paper “Developing family support services: A comparison of national reforms and challenges in England, Ireland, and Spain”.

Presented by Harriet Churchill. Respondents were Roberta Ruggiero (EurofamNet stakeholder from Centre for Children's Rights Studies - University of Geneva) and Catalina Alcaraz Escribano (Technical director of Families and children - Programme of vulnerable children, Red Cross),

Presentation of the paper “Understanding contemporary Family Support: Reflections on theoretical and conceptual frameworks”.

Presented by David Herrera-Pastor and Nick Frost.  Respondents were Caroline Vink (EurofamNet stakeholder from Netherlands Youth Institute) and Mila Vukovic Jovanovic (ECD officer UNICEF, Serbia).