Rita Pinto


I had work experience in England with vulnerable families and children and young people in residential care.
In recent years, I participated in funded research projects with children and their families, with the ultimate goal of promoting their well-being. The most recent project aims to evaluate the effectiveness of an evidence-based parenting program.
My current PhD research project focused on evaluating the implementation and sustainability of an evidence-based parenting program in real-world conditions with families engaged with child protective services.

My research interests are related to the protection of children and young people in situations of psychosocial risk, mainly through family and community-centered approaches, based on the best research evidence. Therefore, as an associate participant of Eurofam-Net, I aspire to 1) network with senior and young researchers, 2) contribute to the scientific outputs of the Action and 3) work collaboratively towards the translation of research into practice with potential contributions to policymaking in family and parenting support.