EurofamNet structure

The main formal structure of EurofamNet is the Management Committee (MC), which comprises MC members and MC substitutes from each of the participating countries. The MC is the decision-making structure for the Action, agreeing EurofamNet work-plans and activities and signing off on key outputs. 

The activities of EurofamNet are organised through five Working Groups. This work is complemented by a Policy and Practice Group focused on the policy and practice spheres of EurofamNet.

While Action participants mainly come from academic and research institutions, we have strong representation from policy and practice groups in the policy and practice area. A Policy and Practice Group was established in July 2020.

At national level, National Working Groups are been developed to include policy and practice and academic representatives. 

The EurofamNet structure reflects our commitment to:

  • Double-layered structureThe Action aims to establish a supranational network that make possible policy engagement between the European level and the local/regional/national levels, with mutual influence between them.
  • A bottom-up processWe are seeking regional and national solutions, by engaging the existing national structures and cooperating with them systematically during the life of the Action.
  • Dialogical style: Because the Action aims to make a difference to children, young people and parents, the Action gives an active role to the most relevant European associations representing practitioners and families, as well as organizations representative of civil society.

The following image shows the progress of the Network:

EurofamNet Structure

EurofamNet participants

Country Name Role in the action
Elona Bokshi WG Participant
Albania Ana Uka MC Substitute
Albania Edmond Dragoti MC Member
Albania Julinda Cilingiri MC Substitute
Albania Oriola Hamzallari MC Member
Austria Christiane Spiel MC Member
Austria Elisabeth Stefanek MC Substitute
Austria Georg Spiel MC Member
Austria Julia Holzer MC Substitute
Austria Markus Schwab MC Substitute
Austria Sarah Bürger MC Substitute
Belgium Agata D'Addato Policy and Practice
Belgium Alfonso Montero Policy and Practice
Belgium An Piessens MC Substitute
Belgium Andrea Tortajada Administrative Officer
Belgium Annemie Drieskens Policy and Practice
Belgium Axelle Devaux Policy and Practice
Belgium Christopher Clouder Policy and Practice
Belgium Deniz Karaca Scientific Officer
Belgium Johanna Schima Policy and Practice
Belgium Katleen Govaert Policy and Practice
Belgium Pablo García Policy and Practice
Belgium Ronan Mangan Policy and Practice
Belgium Sarah Galdiolo MC Member
Bosnia and Herzegovina Aida Spahic MC Substitute
Bosnia and Herzegovina Dženita Hukić MC Substitute
Bosnia and Herzegovina Kristina Sesar MC Member
Bosnia and Herzegovina Sanela Sadic MC Member
Bulgaria Camellia Hancheva MC Member
Bulgaria Tatyana Kotzeva MC Member
Croatia Andreja Brajsa ... MC Substitute
Croatia Ivana Dobrotic MC Member
Croatia Koraljka Modic ... MC Substitute
Croatia Ljiljana Kalite... MC Substitute
Croatia Ninoslava Pećnik MC Member
Cyprus Sviatlana Karpava MC Member
Czech Republic Eliška Kodyšová MC Substitute
Czech Republic Hana Hašková MC Member
Czech Republic Radka Dudová MC Member
Czech Republic Zdenek Sloboda MC Substitute
Denmark Barbara Hoff Esbjørn MC Member
Estonia Anastassia Zabr... MC Member
France Michel Boutanquoi MC Member
Germany Gerhard Suess MC Member
Germany Ute Ziegenhain MC Member
Greece Anastasia Kosto... MC Substitute
Greece Christos Sidiras MC Member
Greece Stefania Zoi Associate participant
Greece Vasiliki Maria ... MC Member
Hungary Ágota Scharle MC Member
Hungary András Gábos MC Member
Hungary Balázs Váradi MC Substitute
Hungary Dorottya Szikra MC Substitute
Hungary Tudor Rosu Policy and Practice
Hungary Veronika Vass-Vigh MC Substitute
Ireland Ashling Jackson MC Substitute
Ireland Carmel Devaney MC Member
Ireland John Canavan MC Member
Ireland Pat Dolan MC Substitute
Israel Orly Benjamin MC Substitute
Israel Orna Mager MC Member
Italy Arianna Thiene MC Substitute
Italy Emanuele Bilotti MC Member
Italy Ilaria Garaci MC Substitute
Italy Paola Milani MC Member
Italy Sarah Serbati MC Substitute
Kosovo Lulzim Dragidella MC Observer
Kosovo Njomza Llullaku MC Observer
Latvia Aivita Putnina MC Member
Latvia Lilian Tzivian MC Substitute
Latvia Zane Linde-Ozola MC Member
Lithuania Artüras Tereškinas MC Member
Lithuania Daiva Skučienė MC Member
Lithuania Ernesta Platukyte MC Substitute
Lithuania Lina Šumskaité MC Substitute
Malta Alexander Grech MC Member
Malta Angela Abela MC Member
Malta Claire Copperstone MC Substitute
Malta Ingrid Grech La... MC Member
Malta Marjorie Bonello MC Substitute
Montenegro (Crna Gora) Branko Bošković MC Member
Netherlands Caroline Vink MC Member
Netherlands Eszter Salamon Policy and Practice
Netherlands Johanna Sellis Policy and Practice
Netherlands Luca Janka Laszlo Policy and Practice
Netherlands Patty Leijten MC Member
Norway Bente Heggem Kojan MC Member
Norway Mona Sandbæk MC Substitute
Norway Øivin Christiansen MC Member
Poland Aleksandra Lewa... MC Substitute
Poland Anna Rybińska MC Member
Poland Justyna Michałe... MC Member
Poland Katarzyna Kopec... MC Substitute
Portugal Ana Almeida MC Member
Portugal Ana Antunes WG Participant
Portugal Ana Catarina Canário WG Participant
Portugal Cristina Nunes MC Member
Portugal Joana Sequeira Policy and Practice
Portugal Marisa Matias MC Substitute
Portugal Orlanda Cruz MC Substitute
Republic of Moldova Ecaterina Grigoras MC Substitute
Republic of Moldova Mariana Buciuce... MC Member
Republic of Moldova Mihail Potoroaca MC Substitute
Republic of Moldova Olga Gagauz MC Substitute
Republic of Moldova Tatiana Spataru MC Member
Republic of North Macedonia Angelka Keskinova Associate participant
Republic of North Macedonia Biljana Todorova Associate participant
Republic of North Macedonia Irena Avirovic MC Member
Republic of North Macedonia Makedonka Radulovic MC Member
Romania Alina-Maria Breaz MC Member
Romania Henrietta Torkos MC Substitute
Romania Oana Alexandra David WG Participant
Romania Smaranda Witec MC Member
Romania Theodora Ene MC Substitute
Serbia Anita Burgund Isakov MC Substitute
Serbia Jelena Arsić MC Member
Serbia Jelena Jerinic MC Substitute
Serbia Miljana Marić O... Associate participant
Serbia Nevenka Zegarac MC Member
Serbia Sanja Polić WG Participant
Serbia Violeta Marković Associate participant
Slovenia Klavdija Kustec Associate participant
Slovenia Lea Šugman Bohinc Associate participant
Slovenia Marino Kačič Associate participant
Slovenia Mojca Šeme MC Substitute
Slovenia Nina Mešl MC Member
Slovenia Petra VidemŠek MC Substitute
Slovenia Tadeja Kodele MC Member
Spain Gema Website Enterprise
Spain Pere Mulet Website Enterprise
Spain Alejandro De León Grant Holder Manager
Spain Álvaro Rodrígue... WG Participant
Spain Antonio Urbano ... Associate participant
Spain Bárbara Lorence Lara Associate participant
Spain Beatriz Rodrígu... Associate participant
Spain Cristina Llorens Website Enterprise
Spain David Herrera WG Participant
Spain Enrique Calleja... Associate participant
Spain Enrique B. Arra... Associate participant
Spain Esperanza Ochaita Associate participant
Spain Francisco Juan ... Associate participant
Spain Gusi Bertomeu Website Enterprise
Spain Isabel López Verdugo Associate participant
Spain Isabel M. Bernedo MC Member
Spain Javier Pérez Padilla Associate participant
Spain Javier de Frutos MC Substitute
Spain Jean Grasmeijer WG Participant
Spain Jesús Maya Associate participant
Spain Lucía González-... Associate participant
Spain Lucía Jiménez MC Member
Spain M.Angeles Balsells Associate participant
Spain María José Rodrigo MC Member
Spain María Luisa Mái... Associate participant
Spain Mª Ángeles Espi... Associate participant
Spain Raquel-Amaya Ma... Associate participant
Spain Silvia López-Larrosa Associate participant
Spain Sofía Baena WG Participant
Spain Sonia Byrne MC Substitute
Spain Victoria Hidalgo MC Substitute
Sweden Åsa Lundqvist MC Member
Sweden Metin Özdemir MC Member
Sweden Terese Glatz MC Member
Switzerland Nevena Dimitrova MC Substitute
Switzerland Roberta Ruggiero MC Member
Switzerland Sylvie Ray-Kaeser MC Member
Turkey Burcu Kömürcü Akik MC Member
United Kingdom Andy Lloyd Policy and Practice
United Kingdom Dr Eleni Meletiadou MC Member
United Kingdom Harriet Churchill MC Member
United Kingdom Helen Dunn Policy and Practice
United Kingdom Julie Walsh WG Participant
United Kingdom Kay Tisdall MC Substitute
United Kingdom Mandi MacDonald MC Substitute
United Kingdom Peter Stratton Policy and Practice

Memorandum of Understanding